Overwatch is a mixture of League of Legends and TF2, it brings out the best of both of them to create the massive successful title it has become.

Along with all the good bits also come the bad ones which includes the high competitive nature of a lot of the players, but when does it go from being competitive to being toxic.


Everyone has had games in Overwatch where their team will end up having three DPS or not enough healers but is this always bad?. Mainly in low skill rating having a good DPS can turn around the game even with only one healer or maybe that clutch Genji/Tracer play will stop their healers from keeping their team alive. In this situation, i always ask myself “When should i swap?” when we don’t have a stable team composition, this more than often gets answered by checking the statistics of my fellow teammates, but to go into more detail the main thought that goes in my head is “if i swap off DPS will we be able to push through with our current DPS” or “Will our healer be able to sustain our health bars through the team fight”, lastly “Can our tanks push through the front line”. This thoughts will end up in a paradox of thinking “if i swap there will be a bad consequence but if i don’t swap we wont have a good team composition” and more than enough times i have swapped off my main DPS only to have the enemy Pharah dominate or the healers not being targeted.

My main issue is many times you will get a good player (mind you, i don’t consider myself one) that will ask for you to “swap off”, most people will let their pride come into play only to make their selves feel attacked when most of the time good players know what works against the current team and he is asking you to change to something that will be more valuable to your current team. In this situation i believe the best option would be to swap to another character you might be good at either on the same category (DPS, Healer or Tank) or one from a different category, but the best solution is to ask that player “What do you think will work against their team?” to reassure you they know what will work.


This post by no means is saying that there are no toxic players, but i know that there are a lot of players that become toxic in this situation when it was not a toxic conversation to being with. Overwatch is a team game before it is a skill based game, if you work with your team even if they are random strangers you will see yourself having better games. Just remember just because they ask you to swap doesn’t mean that swapping is always the best option, be aware of the enemy team composition and make a rational decision based on victory not pride.

Toxicity is a big thing in all online games but we can make the gaming experience better if we try to understand the players intent. This way we can decided if their intention is true or based on anger, this decision is what can change the course of the game to a win. Even the most experienced DPS have had to swap to healer or tank (or vice versa) because “it just isn’t working” and they would rather let someone else take that position than lose the game.

Hopefully i have been able to push my point through with this post and remember just because you have all gold medals doesn’t mean that you are effectively using your character.

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PS: The guys that inspired me to write this and helped me develop my thoughts on this matter, YOUR OVERWATCH

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