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Sonic games are either loved or hated in the gaming community but for people who have been playing them since the mega drive they will all have a little something that makes us want to play them. The 3D games are infamous for their glitches and bad animation but some of them have a great story line and if you can get past the glitches, game play too.
This is not a review of the game, this is just an opinion of SADX (Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut). I have played sonic games since i was young and I’ve had great times playing many of the games, i thought i would put my unbiased input as a sonic fan.



The graphics for Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut… are… well… dated, as a game that came out originally in 1998 and remastered in 2003 i cannot really comment on how good the graphics were at the time.
If we ignore the dated graphics we are left with a pretty good port on the the pc and for the remastered edition,surprisingly good textures.
Everyone that has played this game will always remember the crazy movements of the eyebrows and ears of sonic… now this is unique to sonic but really ruins the atmosphere of the game as it’s very unnatural. When it comes to the other characters, i personally feel there were animated well and it suits their personality traits, sometimes there are outrageous faces in this games with every character and other times the expressions of the characters can feel very emotionless which can ruin the way you are enjoying the story line.
At last, the clipping and glitches. Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut has a huge case of hands through faces and floating/sliding character models which even as an older game it should be happening as much as it does, though to defend that game a bit this issue is found even in current games.

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut sonic


Now to my favourite part of Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut, playing as characters like sonic and tails feels great as the stages are constantly changing which makes the game really quick paced when playing as these two, the controls feel like second nature as they respond as they should and the character animation enhances the game play of both these characters. Amy and Omega have really slow stages, both of these characters have a slow movement speed and their controls feel very foreign to the player. Knuckles has very unique stages which are concentrated on finding the pieces of the chaos emeralds, his game play feels smooth and interesting but at times when you have circled the whole stage 10 times and can’t find the piece it can be tedious and to top it off the worst game play of them all… big the cat, he has very unique stages which involve him just fishing and while the first stage can be fun as you move onto the other stages it becomes repetitive and boring.
Something Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut did very well is the design of the stages and how they progress during the game, moving from one area to the next one feels smooth because of the way the character is unlocking or moving towards them. At the same time, the stages are lively with unique enemies for most of the different stages with unique design also comes new mechanics that are unique to its stage, this interactions with the stage are comfortable to use and make sense as they are related to them.



The story is split between all the characters which makes it very confusing at times because with the selection of a new character the story starts at different points in the timeline which ruins it as you have to spend extra time thinking about what we previously played through as you are currently playing. If they story was in told as a whole, with different points of views but in one run instead of many it would feel more solid and would create a better atmosphere with the player.
At the same time, the stories between all the characters are very unique and the way the characters are developed it makes you relate with them as their personality traits develop through the game, the characters that had the most impact for me are chaos and omega as their character develops strongly through the game which surprised me by the amount of humanity this kind of character get.


Ahhhh.. The music, crush 40 is a great asian-western band that mix the best of two world with the crazy background music and the great english vocals, the greatest part of crush 40 in sonic games is that they create songs that truly relate to the characters/scene they are representing. Not much else to say about them, i recommend if you haven’t heard them. Look them up on youtube.
Other than crush 40 the instrumental soundtracks fit the stages really well and are also quite unique using different types of instruments to create a nice tune, but it falls back when the tune becomes repetitive. This happens quite a lot which ruins the positive sides of the track.
The voice acting in the games can be excellent at times, truly representing the characters we all know but at the same time the english voice acting can get monotone and sometimes the way the say their lines can be completely different as you would expect in that scene.

Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut ending


Overall, Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut is a blast to the past to play. This game is one of the first 3D games i could guess that it didn’t do bad for its time but sadly the console the game was released on failed.

If you are a fan of sonic games or can overlook some of the games mistakes then you can truly enjoy this game from the fast paced segments to the slow treasure hunt ones. Sadly, this by all means doesn’t mean it’s a good game, the game does have its drawbacks some that cannot be overlooked, The animation and glitches really affect the game play which can ruin the atmosphere and put you in situations where you feel it created an unfair situation but what the game does good i feel it does great, the stages are unique and feel very fitting to the game that are only improved by the great soundtrack which can be repetitive but still very satisfying.
This is one of those sonic games that i can recommend to play to anyone that has experienced old 3D games as it can be a great entry to the sonic world just mind the speed bumps  and you may end up enjoying yourself.

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