KonoSuba is your typical MMO styled anime with a small twist. Kazuma is a Japanese NEET waiting for the next big online game, but what he didn’t know is that death would be approaching on the day his new favourite game was released only to be revived in magical world with the big task of defeating the DEMON KING.

konosuba 2


The beginning started with a very slow progress both for the story line and the characters, but stays alive by pushing the anime with the introduction of interesting characters along as a very interesting comedy. Many times the implementation of comedy feels a bit forced but while it may pushy as it progresses the comedy starts to mix with the perfectly synced reactions by the main characters, in fact, the expressions on the characters were not overused which really created a good vibe when the character started to define themselves.

We definitely can’t ignore that it is very concentrated on the cute characters and adorable art style which works beautifully as not only does it attract people that enjoy it but also implements a maturity to the design that is also relatable for viewers that enjoy other type of art styles.
Personally what made me interested in KonoSuba was the character Megumin, solely on her design as this is often what catches my eyes first. When i started watching the anime it quickly made me turn away but as it progressed this character along with the rest started to become interesting with personalities deeper than what was shown at the start.


One aspect that really surprised me was the soundtrack ,and more specifically the way they were able to implement it. Something that really caught me off guard about the music is how well it suited the animation, both the instruments used and the music genre chosen for the scenes.
Something that i fail to see in many anime is the reasonable use of music. They do a great job as the music is only there when it is needed but also it is willing to have some soundtracks repeat constantly because its the signature sound of a certain character, ability or scene. The correct use of music is used very well on AAA anime but its very hard to find on smaller titles.

Something that caught me off guard and made me quite excited in KonoSuba is [VERY MINOR SPOILER] at the end Kazuma mentioned that it was a long tutorial which insinuates that season one was big entry point for our characters to experience the world and adventure the signed up to. This makes it exciting for the viewers as it shows that season two will be followed up with an arc full of progression and improvement.


Overall KonoSuba definitely has a plot that has been done before which is not very unique and even less adventurous, the progress is also very lacking as you can clearly see when the plot move from the first episode until the last was quite minimal. On the other hand the anime excels in the music department with terrific implementation which perfectly makes you feel the emotions it wants to portrays, and at the same time the art style perfectly suits the type of anime it is while still keeping it mature in times it needs to be serious. I really enjoyed this anime from episode three onward as the beginning nearly made me drop it, i am glad i did not as for me, Megumin made it worth it.

ART: 8/10

OVERALL: 35.5/50

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