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If you have started watching anime in the recent few years you can see there is pattern on a lot of the anime being released, most of them have this anime art style that always portrays the woman in the show as cute and adorable, while this is not a bad thing as it becomes more commonly seen everywhere but the more common it is the more it starts to ruin the anime as a lot of shows will give up a lot of plot line just to concentrate on the aesthetic of the characters and anime in general. Some shows can have the cute anime art style while still keeping a strong plot point with great character development, but they are difficult to find and more often than not they will be very slow paced. The Monogotari series are great and unique, they bring a lot to the table that not many shows have done before while still have adorable characters, plot development and character progression but as i said previously you can only really taste the plot of the anime if you cover the whole series, making a bit slow paced.


I often ask myself “is watching a slow paced anime bad?” but the answer to that question is different depending on the one i am watching, with anime like Monogatari series is recommended to watch because of its extravagant colour palette, constant monologue by the main character and overall uniqueness, at the same time you get anime like lucky star and K-ON that while they do have a plot with some form of character development the show mainly concentrates on the cute and adorable characters which is minorly portrayed by the personality but mostly the art style. Many people enjoy this kind of anime, if they did not there would not be such an influx of the genre.

new anime art style

The anime industry has been widening the genres more often as the years go by with anime such as Kabaneri, Boku no Hero Academia, the continuation of JOJO and many more unknown ones. Moe (The adoration of anime characters mostly defined by their adorable and cute features) is currently leading the industry which can get a bit crowded, this can cause an over saturation in the genre hence lowering the quality.

At the beginning of my journey watching anime as a kid it was mainly dragon ball and one piece on TV which have two very different anime art styles that represent the show correctly, as i started watching more anime i widened my gaze on what was out there which lead me to watching shows such as Outlaw Star, Death Note, Eureka 7 and Trigun; all of these has a very similar anime art style that include a lot of triangles and sharp lines instead of the typical circles used commonly now. Older anime are mostly represented with a less adorable art style which makes the character look more mature and sometimes even define certain features such a height, traits and more, this follows closely with a strong plot line. This may not always be the case but it is very common.

Currently there is anime such as Kabaneri that resemble the older anime art styles but with amazing quality to back it up, Overall this anime has very good quality content. Even though this may not be a fact, i believe if an anime concentrate too much of one area the rest will be lacking, the best ones are above average in many concepts. Many times the art style can be forgotten if the anime brings something new to the table meaning the lacking of effects in action scenes or the boring character design can be looked over as long as it was their niche.

Old anime art style


To conclude, the anime that was aged or follow their foot steps tend to have a higher quality content all around, while the moe art style was well directed when it first became popular but has slowly corroded into a community of people who crave the characters instead of the anime itself. Personally, i love getting attached to a character, but relying on an art style to popularise the anime is “the easy way” instead they should be taking a step in the dark risking the success of it. In the end the anime that excel in my eyes are the ones that take those risks and succeed, they end up releasing animated masterpieces into the world which many of times convey a great message hidden in the great content.

KAMEK NOTES: Apologies if this article is a bit of a mess but i had a bit of a hard time expanding my thoughts on this topic, the main reason i made this blog is to expand my boundaries of writing and push myself to expands my thoughts. I pushed myself to write about this thought even thought i was insecure about the outcome.

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